Infinity Computer Services

Infinity Computer Services provides a variety of computer related services for small to mid-size businesses (Click here for a list of recent customers).  Our field of expertise is quite varied and includes almost anything related to personal computers.

Programming & Software Development

We develop business related programs from the ground up.  We specialize in problem solving and needs analysis with the goal of providing a complete solution to your business problem.  We use state of the art tools to develop solutions which will meet your needs well into the millennium.

Have a look at screen shots of some of our recent projects.

Networking and Operating Support & Installation
  • Windows (all versions)
  • Novel NetWare
  • SCO Unix, Xenix, OpenServer
  • Linux
  • MS-DOS
Internet - Web Services
  • Web site development
  • Web/E-mail server installation/setup/maintenance
  • Server Side programming & database integration

Have a look at some of our recent projects.

Application Program Support & Installation

Infinity Computer Services provides support and installation services for a wide variety of programs ranging from AccPac accounting to Quark Xpress desktop publishing.  We have experience in a wide variety of industries including retail (POS), oilfield, internet, geological, education, publishing, manufacturing and service.

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